Project Smile is a club. But it is not just a club.

We put in hours of effort into what we do. And we believe that it’s all worth it, if it makes your day.

We believe in laughing about nothing and everything. We believe in spontaneous events with people you love on adventures you’ll never forget.

We are Project Smile.

Project Smile was created in Fall 2014.

I was so frustrated with how some TAMS clubs were run. Club executives were corrupt, taking advantage of younger students for their own benefit. Club general assemblies were huge wastes of time and were nothing the club promised to do. Some clubs even existed but didn’t do anything. The executives of those clubs simply wanted a position that they could slap on their resume but literally did not do any events for their club all year.

I created Project Smile to change this pattern of sucky clubs. Project Smile is genuine. We actually do stuff . We follow through our promises.

Project Smile cares.