I sold Snickers in 8th grade.

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Not just Snickers, but also Twix, 3 Musketeers, Milky Way, etc. But Snickers always sold the fastest.

A box of 10 candy bars would cost me $0.50 for each candy bar. I would then resell at $1 per candy bar.

My parents wouldn’t let me run my “business” because it would “distract from my studies.” So, I would get my grandparents to smuggle in boxes for me on the weekends. One time, my dad found one of the boxes in my room and said “,So this is why you aren’t eating! You’re just eating candy in your room!” I didn’t say anything because it was better for him to yell at me for eating candy than for him to find out I was running a business.

I would sell an entire box or 2 boxes a day. I would make $20-$40 a day. I felt like I was ballin’ because that’s a lot of money for an 8th grader. Anyways, the demand for my candy was so high that I “hired” one of my 7th grade friends to sell more boxes for me. After her 2nd day of working for me, some bullies took her boxes of candy. A few days later, someone stole my candy too. I never recovered from the losses. I had burned through what was supposed to be my backup money through frivolous purchases like xbox games. I don’t do that anymore. I actually save my money now.

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