I sold Dr. Pepper in 9th grade.

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I started with Coke, Sprite, and Dr. Pepper. After awhile, I noticed Dr. Pepper sold the most, so then I started exclusively selling Dr. Pepper.

I had a feeling my parents still wouldn’t approve of what I was doing, so I had to smuggle 24 packs of soda cans into my house. My cousin, Erika, helped me out this time. We’d drive to Walmart and back before my parents got home.

My backpack was always stuffed with soda cans, and it was so heavy to carry around. But, it didn’t matter to me. The thrill of the sale made it all worth it. During this year, Typhoon Washi hit the Philippines, so I dedicated a day’s worth of can sales to donating to the Red Cross/Typhoon Washi Relief.



Soon after, my cousin got a job and got too busy. Nobody could drive me to Walmart anymore, so that business ended.

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